Experience Life in the Moment of its Unfolding



You know that very cool thing that happens when we sit around the campfire, and get lost in the magic of the fire?  Sometimes, a different thing happens – we become immersed in each other, or in a story, and it seems compelling… we’re drawn into a shared space. It can feel amazing and beautiful.

We-Space – The New Paradigm

What is a we-space? It’s the campfire on steroids… it’s exponentially more potent because it’s a conscious space. It’s the field between/among two or more people which includes the people.  It’s the intangible, underlying essence of a group that one can sense.  We can experience that intentionally, simply by putting attention on it.

In this field, or space, the combined wisdom and creativity of those who are participating becomes enriched (by the other and the field) and accessible in a new way, as the awareness of those in the space opens into the infinite field of Being in a very particular way.  This shared consciousness offers a space of profundity and aliveness.

The we-space is a space of exploration.  It’s a place of not-knowing.  And it’s a place where one can access a deep wisdom that will show you what wants to be known next.  It’s not fortune-telling.  It’s experiencing Life in the moment of its unfolding, it’s awakening, and aware-ing.

Learning to listen to this space opens one up into a deeper awareness of their true nature, as well as bringing more joy and delight into experience.  Knowing the liminal space of “coming into existence” is knowing a source of infinite possibility and potential.

How do we access the we-space?

Simply by placing attention here, with no agenda, we can access the we-space.  This field of awareness is waiting for us. In my experience, it wants to be known, and it comes to us as we move towards it. By shifting perspective from me to we, one can be continually surprised and delighted by what emerges. Through this space we become aware of Life showing us what is unfolding right now.  And right now.  And right now.


What will I experience in a we-space?

Initially, an experienced explorer helps make the journey more accessible. And, you can’t do it alone – it’s a we-space. For some people it’s a profound healing place. For others it deepens access to a wider, broader consciousness and knowing.  For some it’s about the powerful human connection that happens.  For most people, all of these things can unfold.


Are you simply compelled to explore this?

I am. My entire life has been a quest for connection, love, and peace. Now that I know these things profoundly, life has shown me a path in which to share it – the we-space.

In a we-space, I get to hold unconditional acceptance for people, a very gentle, spacious loving field, which enables people to feel safe and free, often in a new way.

I’m especially familiar with loving trauma into wholeness, as well as the exploration of intimacy in all its forms.  Curious?  Step into the we-space with me.

As part of my launch, I’m offering a complementary we-space session, along with a 25% discount on my 2 short term session programs. Let me know if you’d like to work together! – I have a limited number of complementary sessions available next week.


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