Are You Sensitive to Light and Sound Too? Part 2 of 2


It doesn’t have to hurt so much.

Do you avoid concerts and movie theaters because of the  noise?  Do you stay away from parties? Do the lights of the city at night bother you?  That was me for much of my life. Now there are things that you can do so it’s not so painful.

Let me begin by saying that being very sensitive is a gift and a blessing, but most people in our society don’t know it yet, including people who live with it.

Several months ago I heard a podcast in which a physician spoke about sensitivity to lights and sounds while he was discussing nutritional deficiencies.  This was a watershed moment for me.  It was then that I realized that a lifetime of painful sensitivity was no longer necessary. I was completely unaware that there were simple steps I could take to reduce the suffering.

The doctor said (paraphrasing), “This is a situation of nutritional deficiency. There is no moral failing here.”  And in that moment I felt a 50 lb. weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For much of my life I felt ashamed and guilty for being so sensitive. Decades of shame dropped away as tears of relief flowed. There were physiological reasons for my lifelong pain, and what’s more, I could address it and heal.

The doctor was talking about autism and developmental problems that happen in children, but clearly he was also speaking about me and many other adults as well. I was never diagnosed with ADD, or autism. I just lived with being sensitive and suppressed it as best I could.  (This also led to self medicating/self regulating with marijuana, caffeine and alcohol starting around age 14.)

My Protocol

In the past several months I’ve been experimenting with dietary changes and supplement additions.  I’ve found that my sensitivity, while still finely honed, is no longer painful, and not a problem when my brain and body are properly nourished.

This became quite clear to me when I had an accidental extended toxic mold exposure a few weeks ago, and my sensitivity increased dramatically, and was quite painful by contrast to how I’d been feeling the days and weeks beforehand.

What resolved it was an intense protocol of glutathione, PQQ/CoQ10 (Unfair Advantage), chlorella, activated charcoal, and oxaloacetate.

Within 24 hours of realizing the mold exposure and starting the protocol I started to feel better, and within 72 hours, my sensitivity to lights, sounds, and life in general was down to manageable levels.

These particular products are not just for mold management. While the chlorella and charcoal chelate and absorb toxins and move them out, the other products – glutathione, PQQ and oxaloacetate are super-nutrients that have a targeted dramatic effect on the liver, heart and brain. Under times of stress, (physiological, emotional, psychological, etc.) these three nutrients can make a difference. I’ve noticed how I shift from “coping” to “normal” to “thriving” with use.

Sensitivity is okay!

The links in this article go to the Bulletproof website because these are the products I use and depend on, and that have literally saved my life. This is no exaggeration.  The company owner Dave Asprey is uncompromising about quality control with the supplements because of the health issues he’s overcome in his life.  In fact, these products are a direct result of the years of research he’s done to heal, and then hone, his body.

This week I saw a full page ad in Time Magazine that said in big letters, “I am very sensitive to lights and sounds.” At the bottom of the page it said in smaller font, “Sensory sensitivity is a sign of autism”. It was an advertisement for the group Autism Speaks. From my perspective, it’s good for awareness, but it’s also putting sensitivity into a box that is unnecessary and sends a message that sensitivity is not okay. Once we heal the painful aspects via toxin removal and optimized nutrition, the gifts that sensitivity brings are immeasurable.

If you’d like more info about my experience with sensitivity, these products or you have other questions about what I’ve learned on this 9 month health journey, I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or the contact form on my website, or by PM on Facebook.


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