Brain Food – aka – How I’m Coming Back from the Walking Dead

Why can’t you just get a job?

Every time I spoke with my mom, she’d ask me, “How are things coming on the work front?” I would cringe, not knowing how to respond in a way that she’d finally understand. My family (especially mom, who’s been emotionally, and sometimes financially, supporting me) has been worried, wondering what’s wrong with me.  They haven’t understood why I couldn’t work. And I didn’t either. I just knew I couldn’t physically do it.

I think if I’d had medical insurance I might have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or something similar.

Walking Through Molasses

Friends and family had no idea how I struggled to get through the days, how sluggish, and non-functional I was. Connecting with others was nourishing, but then it would take time – days often- to recover from the exhaustion that social contact created.

I feel like I’m a computer with 16 GB of RAM, that was infected by a virus that kept it running at 500 MB.  You can see that there was not a lot of capacity there!  Thankfully, now I’m back to running at 4 GB and the contrast is stark.

As my health is coming slowly back online, I’m realizing the extent of the ramifications of not knowing what was going on, and I’m starting to feel good about what lies ahead.

The actual possibility of a flourishing life in the world exists in a way that it hasn’t since I was a young child.

What have I been doing?

  • Supplements
  • Diet
  • Brain Food
  • Yoga
  • Daily Personal Meditation
  • Group Practice and Meditation

For this blog post, I’ll cover the first three:  supplements, diet, and brain food.

I’m taking a handful of supplements listed below.  I introduced them over a two month period, and I believe that this has been one of the most critical aspects of my healing. Many vitamins and supplements are not high quality, and are not effective.  These supplements are targeted, most are relatively inexpensive, and they are from quality producers.  As I streamlined my diet, the extra nutrition had time to work and heal me, until there came a tipping point – suddenly, there’s a huge difference in my health. I’m only touching on this lightly here, but I truly believe the benefits of these supplements can not be overstated.

My eating plan is pretty simple.  It’s my own version of the Bulletproof Diet, informed by the Paleo AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) Diet. (I.e., no sugar, no nightshades, no dairy, no gluten, etc.)

Nootropics (aka brain optimizers)

I also started taking a nootropic called oxaloacetate which I believe has been a significant part of getting my brain back online. Nootropics are targeted supplements designed to improve or increase brain activity in very specific ways.  This particular nootropic is a brain detoxifier and was advertised to clear brain fog, so I felt it was worth a shot. And, wow! The results are in. 🙂

Note: The recommended dose is one capsule of 100 mg of oxaloacetate (which is combined with 150 mg of vitamin C in many formulations).  I took one capsule the first day I received it, having no idea what to expect, and felt like I was on an acid trip for the next 12 hours. I slept much of the next day, but by the third day, I was craving more.  I read more about oxaloacetate online, and decided it was a good craving, not a bad one, and took a half a capsule.  Still too much.  And yet I was feeling something good happening in my brain. It was as if lights were coming on that had been off for a long time.  Each day after taking it I was more clear, and my brain felt more alive, so I went down to a third of a capsule, and this is what I’ve been taking since then.

I wasn’t able to locate any products with this amount of oxaloacetate (pronounced ox·a·lo·as·i·tate), so I simply purchased V-caps (empty capsules) then split the drug into three portions and fill my own V-caps.

There are a lot of other effective nootropics, and I don’t know why everyone isn’t taking some form of this health booster, life maximizer.  There is DRAMATIC difference in my health since I’ve changed my diet, added supplements and nootropics.

What’s ahead?

As I said, I’m up to 4 GB out of 16, so there’s still a journey ahead to real health, but now the road is open, vast, spacious, filled with opportunity and possibility.  I’m super excited.  Sure, there may be some potholes, but I’m much more prepared than ever before, and… I actually have jet fuel for the trip!

I welcome your comments below.

Much love!

Read these recommendations to find out the many of the reasons why I chose the specific products.  I also did much of my own research to find out more.

And, these two nootropics :

Other supplements not on the above list:


4 thoughts on “Brain Food – aka – How I’m Coming Back from the Walking Dead

  1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your input…this was so helpful to read! Interesting- I am taking very similar supplements… and just started taking Betaine HCL & Pepsin.

    My daily life is so hectic and stressed that i have really been considering some brain support. very interested in to hear anything else you could share in the process of realizing that oxaloacetate was right for you… how did you find this company – bulletproof? your post is a god send- truly… i am not on any prescribed medication but have been feeling the need to support my body in a whole new way.

    Any more input so appreciated.

    Thank you!!! and much love,

    Leemor ❤


    1. Hi Leemor! I’m so glad you commented, because I debated posting this. I’m happy to share more about how this process has unfolded, and it’s truly been a trial and error process, with a lot of reading and learning. If you’d like to chat, I’m emailing you my phone number… text me… let’s make an appointment to have a conversation at a mutually convenient time! Love, Elizabeth


  2. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better and that your brain chemistry experiements are giving you the results you want! Very interesting… Sending you much love. XOX


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